Need Some Bathroom Inspiration?

Need Some Bathroom Inspiration?

I know we’re early to the game, but Christmas is only four months away! Read on to discover the up and coming bathroom trends for 2018…

Taps, fittings and standalone baths featured heavily in copper in 2017, but it looks like brass is back! Brass is a fantastic way to bring a traditional touch to the neutral contemporary tones we’ve seen around. Pair brass mixers with pale grey sinks and baths and slate grey tiles to break up the grey palate and bring a splash of elegant colour. Rose Gold has also been on our radar for some time now, and it looks like the trend is here to stay.

1) Bold Colours

You can never go wrong with a classic, neutral palette, but nowadays, people are becoming much braver about experimenting with bright colours. One fantastic idea is to combine white sanitaryware, walls and floor, with a statement wall, tiled in a bright colour such as vintage blue. If this sounds too adventurous and a little scary, then why not just add splashes of colour with accessories such as a framed mirror, towel hooks and a dramatic painting? That’s why, it’s easy and inexpensive to change your signature colour whenever you feel like it.

2) Combine Elements from the Natural World

to create a haven from the modern one. Stone sinks are set to be a big trend for 2018. Combine them marble tiles, wooden flooring and a copper standalone bath, for a bathroom that’s really set apart from the norm.

3) Don’t Feel Blue

Just use it to paint with! Blue was a huge trend in 2017 for most rooms in the house and it looks like it’s not going anywhere fast. From blue vanity units, to walls and accessories, blue is the colour that won’t go out of date soon!

4) Combining Colours

Who said that you can’t have a yellow wall with a blue vanity unit? Thanks to the influences of our Scandinavian friends, using a bright, primary colour such as yellow, to paint a piece of furniture and setting it off against a brightly painted blue wall is now seen as the norm. Another trend that is gathering traction is using ‘two tone’ cabinets and furniture. For instance, install a dark wood vanity unit next to light wood shelving for an interesting juxtaposition.

Following fashions and trends is fun, but also remember that this is the home you live in, so go for something that you’re going to enjoy for some time to come. If you’re renovating your bathroom to add value to your home to sell, then it’s always best to stick with a neutral palette so as not to offend any potential buyers! Whatever your reasons for needing some bathroom inspiration, we wish you good luck!