New Year, New Bathroom!

New Year, New Bathroom!

We’ve all heard the popular adage: New Year, New You! But what about: New Year, New Bathroom? After all, the bathroom is where we spend a lot of our time: From primping and preening to relaxation, we do it all in the bathroom! So why not treat your bathroom as if it’s an extension of yourself and give it a bit of TLC this New Year?

Read on to Discover Our Eight Top Bathroom Trends for 2018…

Monochrome Colour Scheme

We all know that monochrome never really left – it’s the one colour scheme that can stand the test of time and helps bring a touch of class to any bathroom space. Contrary to popular belief, it’s also great at opening up small spaces. Team white walls and tiles with a black, wall hung sink and vanity unit or even paint one wall with black with splashes of black and white around the room.

Bold Accents

If using bold colours on bathroom walls scares you but you still long for some colour then you could go for white/neutral bathroom walls and floor with bold splashes of colour from the bathroom furniture. This also helps bring a bit of drama and personality to your bathroom.

Patterned floor tiles

Again, this is a fantastic way of bringing a bit of dramatic flair to your bathroom. Go for patterned floor tiles in a geometric design and plain walls. Team this a gorgeous roll-top bath and gold taps and you’ve got a bathroom you’ll never want to leave!

Standalone Bath

Standalone baths have been en vogue for a while now and it looks as though they’re here to stay. A surefire way to add instant glamour to your space, you can now purchase compact standalones, floor sunk or your larger copper roll-top for virtually any type of space. If your bathroom really is too small for a standalone bath, you could opt for a sleek and stylish metal-framed shower cubicle instead.

Gold taps

Gold is the new chrome where taps are concerned: Bold, glamourous and oh so very chic, gold.copper or rose gold taps are a gorgeous way to bring some classy bling into your home.

His and Her Shower

Think luxury hotel or spa and all of the wondrous style and practicality it brings! Don’t just limit the his and her styling to showers, you can also choose from his and her sinks, vanity units and storage solutions.

Contrasting textures and colours

Think Scandi inspired wooden floors and panelling with an armchair and luxurious throws and maybe even a woodburner thrown in for good measure. The bathroom is almost the heart of the home, second only to the kitchen. Who says it has to be cold, damp and uninviting?

Digital Shower

Say goodbye to shower water that runs cold when the kitchen taps are turned on. Thanks to cutting edge digital technology, you can now enjoy showers with their own built-in digital thermostat that ensure the water always runs at your programmed temperature. The great thing about digital showers is that they’re not that much more in terms of price than your standard shower. Many models also come with a built-in self-cleaning function.

Make 2018 Luxurious!

And start planning your new year, new bathroom today!