Why opt for a luxury shower room?

Why opt for a luxury shower room?

A luxury shower room is a great addition to your home, and an excellent way to use that forgotten box room as something other than a dumping ground for the things that have nowhere else to go.
A luxury shower room will add value to your home, and make life easier during the morning ‘rush hour’!

A luxury shower room can be anything from a fully¬ fledged wet room complete with sink and toilet, to a room dedicated simply to the shower and nothing else. A shower room can be a large feature room, or simply a way to make something lovely out of a small space. Although lack of space is one of the big reasons people choose to install a shower rather than a bath, the lack of a bath can actually be a feature of a larger room in itself. However, having no bath at all in the house can be a negative point for some people so if you plan to sell your home further down the line, this might be something to take into consideration.

Bespoke Bathrooms can create your perfect luxury shower room, from the very beginnings of design to the finishing touches of completion. Here are some ideas you might like to take into consideration while you’re dreaming up your dream shower room.

What kind of luxury shower room?

If you want your luxury shower room to be fully functional as a family bathroom, you may wish to consider going the whole hog and transforming your shower room into a wet room. Traditionally, wet rooms forego the shower enclosure entirely, which can certainly make the most of a smaller space and make cleaning easier. In smaller wet rooms, you may decide to have some kind of divide between the shower area and the toilet area, to prevent towels and toilet rolls getting soaked every day!

Shower room/dressing room

If you have the space, a luxurious and fun idea may be to create a shower room¬-come¬-dressing room for your own exclusive use. Make a feature of the shower at one end of the room – maybe an enclosed shower that you can either step up to or down into – and dedicate the rest of the space to a fitted wardrobe, in¬built storage, a dressing table and a sink/vanity. This would give you your own dedicated space for getting ready in the morning, and add a little touch of luxury to your day. It could also free up space in your bedroom where your wardrobe would have been, allowing it to become a haven for sleep – and no more traipsing up and down the hallway in a towel! The only problem with this kind of set up is keeping your clothes away from damp and water, so make sure that you can ventilate the room well.

Whatever you want from your luxury shower room, we can help. Contact us today and start the ball rolling!