Perfect Plants for your Bathroom Oasis

Perfect Plants for your Bathroom Oasis

Placing plants in your bathroom may seem odd but as we’re finding out from various studies, keeping indoor plants in and around your home can have amazing health benefits for humans. Plants can convert Carbon Dioxide and water into Oxygen using photosynthesis, which helps us to feel clear headed and de-stressed. Thanks to the hot and humid environment, however, not all plants are suitable for your bathroom (many species of plants can develop mould and mildew if they become too wet). It’s also important to ascertain whether your bathroom can provide a large natural light source for your plants or whether you’ll need to choose a species that can thrive in low level light.

Here, we give you a breakdown of our top five plants, which are suitable for the bathroom…

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is made for any bathroom with a small window, as it doesn’t like direct sunlight (so fantastic for bathrooms with limited light) and likes humid conditions. You can even use the aloe vera gel directly from the leaves to apply to sunburn or dry skin conditions: Your very own first aid kit in plant form!

Spider Plant

One of the most low maintenance plants as it’s almost impossible to kill; the spider plant is a hardy little thing, perfect for people who might not be that green fingered. It does prefer drier conditions but thanks to its tough genes, will still do well in a wet bathroom environment. It also has fantastic air purifying powers, which is great for people who suffer from allergies.


Bamboo is used to thriving in dense, dark and damp tropical forests, so, a humid and low lit bathroom environment is perfect for it. Bamboo looks fantastic and would bring something a little different to your home. It does, however, grow quite quickly, so you’ll need to apply some semi-regular trimming sessions!


Orchids thrive in humid conditions. Not only that, but they’re very beautiful and normally come in a splash of vibrant colour that will pretty up your bathroom space. Similar to orchids, is the Peace Lily. This beautiful plant is really low maintenance because it doesn’t like to be over watered, making the humid environment of your bathroom the perfect place for it to thrive.


Ferns looks gorgeous and fit in perfectly with the bathroom, thanks for their ability to create perfect air humidity, which may be beneficial to people who suffer with asthma. They also purify the air and are low maintenance.