Glenageary Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom renovation was for the daughter of a past customer, recommended to us by her parents who we had completed a project for in the past.

It was a fairly unique job in that there are 2 steps going into shower, this is because under the shower tray is the stairs, so we had to design the room accordingly. The original shower had a large step, we custom built the room based on bulkhead of stairs, including bespoke glass made to order.


One point in particular to note is the recess on the last image, you will see the lines are perfect even though we used metro tiles, we ensure tiles fitted into the recess and the shower valve was in middle of recess. It is this high level of detail that sets us apart from the competition. Each step is a thought out process, in this case we planned the recess so it finished on full tiles rather than just doing a quick job to get done.