Raheny Bathroom Renovation Revisit

Raheny Bathroom Renovation Revisit

Way back in 2016 we completed a bathroom for a client on Raheny. It is testament to the work of our team that this same client asked us to come back and renovate 2 further bathrooms in their home. It’s always nice to be asked back and to give our clients the complete set!

All of the sanitary ware for both of these bathrooms is supplied by Tilestyle

This bathroom is a family bathroom and includes a luxurious bathtub and a shower. The high quality finish is evident.

Low level led lighting, plus lighting around the mirror really make this bathroom full of atmosphere, especially at night time!


The 3rd bathroom we completed in this house incorporated this beautiful navy tiles. The shine from them is maximised again by the use for subtle built in lighting.













If you have more than one bathroom in your home that needs upgrading then please talk to us. If you don’t have the budget or need to do them all at once then we can work with you over a few years to help you meet your goals.

All our projects start with a conversation. Talk to us today to explore the possibilities of your bathrooms.