Remodeling Your Bathrooms Without Breaking the Bank

Remodeling Your Bathrooms

Remodeling Your Bathrooms Without Breaking the Bank

Remodeling your bathrooms can be quite expensive, on the average is costs about €7,500 for a remodeling project. For most people, that is a hefty financial commitment. There are cost cutting measures you can implement to help undertake that remodeling project without having to break the bank.

Save On Your Tiles

The cost of tiles is one of the highest in a remodeling project, if you decide to tile the floor and wall the cost might just be too much. To save cost, tile only the essential places like the floor. You can paint the wall and the shower stalls in a color shade like the tile color.

Manage Your Counter Tops

Granite counter tops have become a common sight in many bathrooms recently, to save on your bathroom counter tops buy colors that not common. The popular shades are the neutral tones like brown or tan are more expensive.
Another way to save on costs is to look for granite slabs that have imperfections, the more imperfect, the cheaper it will be. All you must do is insist that the imperfect be around the location of your faucets or the sink. That way it will not be visible.

Get A Paint Job

If you are constrained by your budget and you cannot afford a proper makeover of your bathroom, why not add a fresh coat of paint? It is cheaper, gives your bathroom a new look and best of all, it is a cheaper alternative.
A downside to painting is it might take up a lot of your time, because it takes a lot of careful painting to do a good job painting a bathroom. Care must be taken when painting around the tubs, taps, switches, etc.

Give a thought to moisture, the bathroom is usually wet with a lot of humidity. These conditions are perfect for the growth of mold, get a satin finish paint to help with this problem.

Buy Used Fittings

Getting used bathroom fixtures like faucets, toilets, and showers is a great way to save on cost. There are various places on the internet where you can get used bathroom fittings. You can consider checking upcycled fitting at Etsy.
There are so many ways you can get good, used bathroom fittings and save on the cost or getting new ones.

Go Green with Upgrades

With growing concern for the environment, when upgrading or remodeling do it with one mind on the environment. Use water saving shower heads, taps and toilets instead of conventional ones. They are the same price with the traditional ones, and they will save costs on your water bill with an added advantage of being nice on the environment.

Bathroom remodeling does not have to cost an arm and a leg, these useful tips will bring down the costs on your remodeling project.