Renovate Bathroom – Ideas

Renovate Bathroom – Ideas

Renovate Bathroom – Ideas

Your bathroom should be an oasis of calm, somewhere to unwind after a tough day of work, a space where you can shut the door and wash away life’s troubles.

Yet often it’s one of the most unloved rooms in the house, even though it is the most used.

Have you ever been to a beautiful restaurant only to walk into a dingy bathroom added as just an afterthought? It’s  immediately off-putting.

People notice bathrooms. As much as we try to hide them away, there is no getting away from the fact that almost everyone who visits your home will inevitably view your facilities.

If your bathroom is dated, dark and uninspiring and you would love a new one, why not get some inspiration from some beautiful bathrooms from around the world? We have created a Pinterest page for you to get inspired and help you start getting a feel for what you can do and what you like. It’s filled with the best in bathroom design and you are sure to find so much to love. Take a look at it here. 

If you like, you can create your own board and share it with us too.

In the meantime, here are some ideas to consider when planing your bathroom.

Get Personal

If you have the space, an armchair looks great in a bathroom and adds a real feeling of luxury. Don’t be afraid of adding artwork or photography to your bathroom to add an eclectic feel.

Think About Colour

Particularly in small spaces, colour coordination is key to tying the space together visually.

You can tie a colour theme in using towels and bathroom products to really finish off the look. Choose your accessories carefully and have fun with them – old fashioned glass bottles look beautiful when filled up with bubble bath.Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your bathroom.

Don’t neglect your olfactory glands! Think about scent, adding scented candles not only looks beautiful but it will add atmosphere to the space.

 Let There be Light

If your bathroom is lacking in natural light you can do a little cheating by adding a beautiful mirror. To add opulence, try a gold gilded mirror or if your bathroom is minimal add a large clean lined one to reflect the light and add to the illusion of space.

When considering your lighting features, make sure to opt for an even light – it’s best for tasks like applying make-up.

Consider Storage

There are all sorts of clever storage options for a bathroom. If your working with a small space, it’s best to keep your clutter hidden away.

Utilise lesser though of spaces like above the door or behind the bath. A good bathroom installer will be able to offer you ideas based on the size of your room.

White Never Goes Out of Style

When in doubt choose white on white, it’s timeless and you can always add colour with accessories. White is always fashionable and looks clean and fresh.

Consider your fittings

Do not scrimp on the fittings. Why not treat yourself to a bit of luxury? If you have the budget, features like a rainfall shower are worth the investment – imagine waking up to that!

Do a little research around what type of shower, bath and taps you want they are most important. With the water charges coming in very shortly, a new state of the art shower can actually save you money in the long term.

Finally, make it a stress free experience and choose the best in the business, we will complete your bathroom renovation from start to finish and it will be fully project managed. Call us for more information on 01 4948048.