Six Easy Ways to Create a Luxury Bathroom

Six Easy Ways to Create a Luxury Bathroom

Is your bathroom looking a little tired and outdated? Do you peruse all of the latest design websites and magazines and long to inject a little celeb-inspired luxury into it? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we’re here to give you a helping hand. Read on and discover the six easy ways you can design a luxury bathroom in your own home.

1. His and Her Shower Cubicle

A big star of 2018 bathroom trends, his and her shower cubicles bring a touch of hotel suite chic to any bathroom space. If your bathroom space is too small to fit a double cubicle, or if you’re happy with your existing cubicle but require a little more pizzazz, then you could always go for a:

2. New Rainfall Shower head

Why rainfall shower heads? You may think it’s just a normal shower head, but rainfalls’ are designed to mimic the feel and sound of real rain. Don’t think ‘rain on a cold winter’s day’ but more ‘rain in a warm Amazonian rain forest’ and you get the idea.For areas where your water pressure may not be the best (and are therefore unsuitable for a rainfall shower head), you can also purchase standard size shower heads that have smaller holes for the water to escape from, which increase the water pressure. It may not be the complete rainfall experience, but you’ll step be a few steps closer to your luxury bathroom experience.

3. Freestanding Bath

Everyone’s dream, surely? A freestanding bath adds instant glamour to any bathroom space. Splash out on a high end design that will stand the test of time and won’t make the rest of your bathroom look cheap. Stay on trend with a copper or rose gold design, or if you want to stick with neutral colours, a classic white or cream is your answer.

4. New Taps

Sounds obvious, but it’s surprising how much of a difference fittings and finishings make to a bathroom. It’s pointless installing high end, name brands for your sanitary-ware and bathroom furniture if you don’t want to install the bathroom taps to go with it. Low quality, low-end bathroom taps will cheapen any other fittings you have, and will most likely need replacing after a couple of years anyway.
Stick with the big brand names such as Dornbracht and Keuco, and you will have taps and fittings that have been expertly and lovingly crafted, and that usually come with a long warranty.

5. New Toilet Seat and Handle

Can a toilet seat and handle really make that much difference, you ask? Well, yes, it can. If the toilet itself is working perfectly fine but the seat is looking a bit worn or even broken, simply adding a new soft close lid, or even a more design-centric seat can help bring your toilet into 2018. The addition of a new handle completes the look and will make your whole wc look brand new.

6. New Mirrors/Mirror Cabinets

A fantastic way to modernise your bathroom is to install mirrors or mirrored cabinets with soft uplighting or LED lights. This helps your bathroom to appear bigger by reflecting like and therefore giving the illusion of more space. Lights and mirrors are also a great way to create that hotel spa feel.