Small Bathrooms: How to Create the Illusion of Space

Small Bathrooms: How to Create the Illusion of Space

Read our top tips on how to create a stylish, practical and functional bathroom in the smallest of spaces.

1. Wall Hung Furniture

Hanging the sink and/or toilet on the wall means there’s more floor space visible to the human eye, which gives the illusion of space. Wall hung furniture also makes it easier to clean the bathroom floor properly as you can reach all of the floor without having to move furniture around.

2. Corner Sink

A corner sink takes up less space than a standard wall hung sink. Bare in mind though that a corner sink isn’t always the best choice if the sink is being used for ‘proper’ washes. Most corner sinks are installed in en-suites or cloakroom toilets where their only function is for hand washing.

3. Tile Halfway

Tiling halfway up the walls gives the illusion of taller walls and therefore more space. You can also do the same with painting by covering the bottom half of the wall with a (slightly) darker colour and painting the top half in a lighter one.

4. Frameless Shower Cubicles

The lack of frame allows light to flood the space around the shower cubicle, which again gives the feeling of space.

5. Vertical Bathroom Cabinets

If you don’t have the room to install the normal type of horizontal wall-hung vanity unit, why not choose a vertical one? This will give you storage options even if you only have one small wall available to you.

6. Toilets with a Small Projection

Instead of having a wall-hung toilet that sticks out and takes up half of the room in your ensuite, choose a toilet with a small projection. This basically means the toilet doesn’t stick out as far: Great for ensuring that you don’t trip over the toilet when getting out of the shower.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors are the masters at creating light and space as the light bounces off them and back into the room. Why not maximise on this by installing two mirrors – one on each wall at opposite ends of the room.