Space Saving Bathroom Design

Space Saving Bathroom Design

From Small to Spectacular – Creating Fantastic Bathrooms in Small Spaces

At Bespoke Bathrooms, we believe every person, family or household should have the freedom to enjoy their bathroom, no matter how small the space available to them and that’s why one of our specialities is space saving bathroom design.

There are many different ways you can save space in a small bathroom, the optimum being clever design and careful planning. If you choose Bespoke Bathrooms to help execute your dream bathroom, we’ll arrange an initial informal consultation with you to discuss what you want from your bathroom and can then arrange a no-obligation, no-fee site visit so we can understand the available space in reality. If you still want to go ahead with our design services, we’ll draw up a professional, industry-standard bathroom design, allowing you to fully realise the vision we have for your bathroom.

If, however, you’re planning taking on the job of project planner and refurbishing your bathroom yourself, here are some great space-saving ideas and inspirations:

Install a Corner Shower Enclosure

If you have your heart set on a shower enclosure but are unsure if you have the space, then a Corner Shower Enclosure with a sliding door can be a great solution. Just ensure that you choose a right-hand or left-hand sliding door dependant on which gives you the optimal space as you don’t want to step out of the shower straight into the sink or toilet.

Walk-In shower

Depending on the size of the space available, a Walk-In can also be a good solution: The tray being almost flush with the floor is good at creating an illusion of space and there are also frameless models available, which only have one glass panel – again, thanks to its clear lines, fantastic for creating the sense of space.

Wall-hung corner sink

Simple yet effective, a small, wall-hung corner sink gives you all the functionality of a sink without taking up huge amounts of space.

Wall hung toilet

Gone are the days when toilets were indeed the porcelain ‘throne’. Thanks to advances in sanitaryware design and technology, wall-hung toilets these days are sleek, stylish and functional without compromising on your space or comfort.

Conceal a Multitude of Sins with a Concealed Cistern and Pipework

The tricks the eyes can play on the mind and the illusion of space is amazing. If you have a compact bathroom, it’s important to bear in mind that clean, clear, minimalist lines will add to the feeling of space. By installing a concealed cistern and concealing any pipework, you’ll free up much-wanted wall space, allowing for more storage, or simply, the freedom to look upon a light and airy space.

Declutter With Clever Storage

Continuing with the above point, clutter can have a huge effect on us psychologically: It’s always the same space, but fill it up with a laundry basket, toiletries and kids’ bath toys and suddenly the room feels really rather tiny. Start by getting rid of any unwanted, unused furniture or bulky furniture as well as old toiletries. If you do need storage, there are many fantastic bathroom furniture manufacturers out there who’ve designed entire units of wall hung vanity units and cupboards in to a narrow framework, helping to utilise the space available to you. If you need help sourcing bathroom furniture, Bespoke Bathrooms are always on hand to help. Other clever space-saving storage ideas include shelves cut into the walls and wall hung mirrored cupboards.

Lighting and Mirrors

An incredibly simple way to create the illusion of space. Always invest in good, bright lighting, such as LED wall and ceiling lights. Strategically place mirrors around your bathroom (this could simply be a large one on one wall, or a number of smaller ones) so that the light bounces off them and makes the space look bigger.


If your budget allows, this is a fantastic way to open up a dark and dingy room and will allow the light to flood into the dimmest of spaces.

Quality Craftsmanship!

It doesn’t matter how large your bathroom is, if the quality of the installer is sub-par, you will be left with a bathroom that is far from satisfactory: Condense this down to a small space and every mistake and poor quality craftsmanship will stick out like a sore thumb making your bathroom feel even smaller than it did before. If you want to outsource a bathroom installer, always employ the services of a company or tradesperson who has an excellent eye for detail and who takes pride in delivering a bathroom where even the smallest detail is executed in a professional manner.