Space Saving Sliding Doors

space saving sliding door

Space Saving Sliding Doors

Over recent months we have renovated quite a lot of bathrooms in apartments and smaller properties. The remit here is often the same, to maximise the usable space in the bathroom or wet room. This makes a lot of sense as you don’t want to feel hemmed in.

One of the best ways we have found to do this is by installing a space saving sliding door. This is a door that rather than opening into the room, taking up valuable space, instead runs parallel with the wall. A space saving sliding door can be mounted on the outside of the room. This means it takes no space at all from the bathroom.

Here are some examples of recent space saving sliding doors that we have installed:

In this example the door was mounted inside of the bathroom, the wall was adjusted to accommodate the sliding mechanism.

space saving sliding door

For this next example a rail was mounted outside of the bathroom for the door to be hung from and then slide.

sliding bathroom door

In this apartment the sliding door was again fitted outside the bathroom, maximising space in the bathroom.

apartment sliding door

Does your property have limited space, do you find you have dead space behind the door? If so then we can see if a sliding door might be an option for you. Our skilled craftsmen can install a sliding door for you as part of your bathroom renovation project.

Adding a sliding door not only saves space but also adds something a bit different from the normal. As your guests slide back the door they will be wowed by the quality of your bathroom behind it. Sliding doors conjure up thoughts of hidden spaces and movie sets – bring some of that magic to your home!

All of our bathroom renovation projects start with a phone call, then from there we will come out and have a look at your property. Call us today on 01 4948048.