Steps to a new bathroom with Bespoke Bathrooms

Steps to a new bathroom

Steps to a new bathroom with Bespoke Bathrooms

All of the new bathrooms that you see on our Facebook page and Instagram and also on the gallery page here have one thing in common. They followed the following steps to a new bathroom with us here at Bespoke Bathrooms to turn their dream into a reality. Following these steps in the prescribed order is the fastest way for us to see if we can help you.

We often get people seeing a bathroom that we have completed and asking “How much was that?” the trouble with this question is that unless your property is exactly the same and you want exactly the same specification and sanitary ware then it is not a useful question to answer. So far we have never worked on two bathrooms that are identical, so knowing how much one bathroom cost isn’t really a good place to start.

The good news is that we don’t charge to give you a price, so why not instead let us follow the proven process with you:

1. The first step is always to get in touch. Either by phone or email let us know you are considering a new bathroom. This in no way shape or form ties you in to having to deal with us or commits you to anything. We promise to treat you with respect and get back to you quickly.

2. Next we will contact you and ask you some questions about your property and what it is you are trying to achieve. If we both see a potential fit then we will make an appointment to visit you. Again no commitment is necessary.

3. Site visit. This is when we call over to you and have a look at your property and discuss what it is you would like to achieve. Having some ideas of what you would like can help, or we can show you examples of similar projects that might help you decide what you’d like to do here.

4. Quotation. If at the site visit you have asked for a quote then we will draft it up for you and send it to you. Again no commitment is required. You can decide to proceed, or to leave it for a time in the future, or that you don’t want to hear from us again. It is up to you, we are here if and when you need us.

5. Schedule work. If you do decide to proceed this is when we schedule the work and agree a date for installation. This will take into account your timeline and also our availablity and the avaialbility of any of the sanitary ware that needs to be ordered.

6. Project completion. We then show up and work on your project at the agreed time. Typically most bathroom renovations take approximately 1 week, depending on the size and complexity.

So there you have it, 6 steps to a new bathroom with you in control every step of the way. We focus on bathrooms month in and month out and are good at what you do. Trust us to deliver your bespoke bathroom and contact us today.