Supply and Inflation Challenges

Supply and Inflation Challenges

Supply and Inflation Challenges

As we emerge from the Covid pandemic it seems that there are other challenges out there now.

That’s life really isn’t it one set of challenges after another?!

Even more so it seems when you are running a business.

Due to Covid we have built up a backlog of work. We are steadily working through client jobs in order. One thing we don’t do is compromise on quality. Our team produces the highest quality work and that does take time.

What this means is that typically there is a delay of 4-6 months between initial conversations with clients and getting a completed bathroom.

This is now starting to present other challenges. We are seeing a lot of volatility in terms of materials and sanitary ware pricing from week to week.

So we are finding that for example if we were to give you a quote today, by the time we got on site to do it in say June prices will have changed.

Therefore we are not able to give firm quotes for future jobs. What we will do instead is give you a current quote and then a few weeks before starting we will need to recalculate the job cost based on the current price of materials. It’s not something we like to have to do, it means double work for us. But it is where we are with things in the current economic situation.

Once these Supply and Inflation Challenges ease then we will of course revert back to our normal operations. As we complete our backlog of jobs then the time between initial quoting and starting the job will be reduced.

We appreciate all of our clients for bearing with us over the last couple of years.

We’ll do our best to keep delivering a quality bathroom renovation service, whatever life throws at us!