Ten Tips To Make Your Bathroom a Trendsetter

Ten Tips To Make Your Bathroom a Trendsetter

Bathrooms are now so much more than just a place to carry out your daily personal hygiene ritual. They are a space to relax and meditate in, a space to read (yes, read!), and a space to stamp your personality on. If you want advice on top quality bathroom finishes, and all the latest bathroom trends for 2017, then read on!

1) Mix and Match

Beige is out, patterned, mismatched tiles are so in. The idea is to move away from uniformed, matching tiles on the floor and the walls, and head towards contrasting textures and patterns. If you stick to the same colour palette, but different patterns, you’ll create an interesting, quirky and unique space.

2) Colour Me Sea Green

Sea Foam Green walls are rocking this spring, either in tile or paint, and it also has the added bonus of going with so many other colours. Team it up with dark wood or metal accessories to accentuate its palette.

3) All That Glitters…

Gold tap fittings and accessories are so in this season. Bring out this gorgeous colour by adding other gold accessories, such as a gold-framed mirror or…

4) Lucious Light Fittings

The bigger, brighter and more unusual the better. Pendant lights or a chandelier will bring that ‘hotel feel’ pazazz to your bathroom.

5) Fabulous Furniture for your bathroom

Who says that a chaise lounge should only be allowed in your downstairs rooms? Add a statement piece of furniture along with a luxurious fluffy rug to bring that wow factor to your space.

6) Keeping It Real

If you’re somebody who likes to shy away from ‘bling’ and prefers things ‘au natural’, then mixing natural materials such as woods, stone and marble may be the way forward. This gives you the scope to be as restrained or as playful as you want, while still keeping your bathroom on-trend.

7) Storage

This is one trend that will never go away, and one we always seem to need more of! From built in storage, to clever ways with shelves and boxes, storage is something you should give serious consideration to. A great way to optimise the space available to you is to have your bathroom planned to scale.

8) Free-Standing Vanity Units

They look fabulous and make a statement, especially if painted in a bold colour such as midnight blue, black or turquoise. Team it with one, two or three:

9) Round Mirrors

Framed in brass or other metals.

10) Wall-Mounted Taps

Excellent for smaller bathrooms, these little beauties give you all the style and also help you to save space. Go for something really bold, in gold or brass, for that signature 2017 look.