The Essential Guide to Making Your Bathroom Child-Friendly

Making Your Bathroom Child Friendly

The Essential Guide to Making Your Bathroom Child-Friendly

The bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in any household. It is why many use Bespoke Bathrooms, to make their bathrooms as luxurious and as comfortable as possible.
We also aim to make them as safe as possible for all users, adults and children alike.But bathrooms do pose an added risk for little ones, with slippery floors, hard surfaces and wall fixtures to worry about, it’s important for all of us to ensure the safety of our bathrooms.
Of course, some of the most popular designs aid this. Curved surfaces, anti-slip flooring and safety locks installed by Bespoke Bathrooms can all aid in the safety of your bathroom for little ones, but what else can we all do?

Invest in a step stool:

For the little ones who want to brush their teeth and wash their hands and face, a step stool is a perfect way to help them reach high areas.
They reduce the risk of slipping or pulling down some loose objects.
Store it in an easy-to-reach location and show your little ones how to use it safely.

Use a basket for toys:

We are sure your children love to splash and make a mess in the bathtub with their toys.
It’s important to have a good storage space to keep them after use. It will help keep your bespoke bathroom clean and safe.
You will avoid stepping on a pointy Godzilla when he is stored away safely.
Teach your kids the importance of cleaning up after themselves and improve the safety of your bathroom.

Choose a curved bathtub:

It’s often the edges of items that cause the most harm to children and adults in the bathroom.
Slips and trips onto the edges of a bathtub or sink basin can cause some nasty injuries.
Choose curved bathroom features to minimise injury.
Freestanding bathtubs are very popular at the moment with almost all designs from Bespoke Bathrooms coming with curved edges.

Non-slip flooring:

Non-slip or textured flooring is the best option for those with children and who are in the process of upgrading their bathroom.
Bespoke Bathrooms can recommend a wide number of solutions that will make your floor safe for both children and adults.
Getting out of the bathtub or shower or having a large spill is one of the main causes of falls in the bathroom.
It is important to have surfaces that are safe for all users.

Safe storage:

Electronics and medication should be kept in safe storage out of the reach of children.
Bespoke Bathrooms install high cupboards and storage spaces away from the reach of the children in your home.
For added safety use childproof locks on your storage locations.

Bespoke Bathrooms:

Bespoke Bathrooms can recommend and install a wide variety of safety features into your new bathrooms for making your bathroom child friendly.
If you have children or are expecting, let us know so we can suggest a few ideas that may be of interest to you.