Thinking About a Shower Room Installation?

Thinking About a Shower Room Installation?

Here at Bespoke Bathrooms, we love to install shower rooms. There’s nothing nicer than taking a tired, old bathroom or under stairs cloakroom in need of updating and giving it a bit of TLC.

If you’re thinking of having a shower room installed in your home, it’s really important to choose reputable engineers and installers with a proven history of successful installations and satisfied customers, as it’s very easy for things to go wrong.

Here at Bespoke Bathrooms, we have an excellent service customer history with many of our clients returning to us over the years. Our success lies in our dedication to producing high calibre work and our (sometimes) obsessive attention to detail!

Rogue Installers

If you peruse our ‘Previous Work’ section, you will see from the photos of works we’ve previously carried out, that we do indeed pay attention to the minutest detail. For instance, every piece of our tiling is lined up perfectly, even when carrying out complicated work such as tiling into recesses in the wall or on a windowsill. It’s very important for tiles to be fitted correctly in a shower room, water could find its way into any gaps and cause a lot of damage. It also looks nicer and gives your shower room or bathroom and much more luxurious feel.

A common problem people come across when they have a shower room installed by a sub-standard plumber, is that the shower tray doesn’t drain water away correctly. Here at Bespoke Bathrooms, we the experience and patience to install our shower trays correctly to ensure this doesn’t happen. A shower tray that doesn’t drain away correctly can cause all kinds of problems and is usually an expensive mistake to rectify.

Other things to consider:

If you’re planning a shower room installation but are unsure where to begin, then a good place to start is to look for inspiration. We display a good range in our Previous Works section, but there’s also a lot of inspiration to be found on websites such as

Before you set out to find inspiration, it’s always a good idea to measure up. Once you have correctly measured your space from wall to wall and floor to ceiling (including any nooks and crannies) you’ll have a better idea regarding what size and shape shower cubicle and other sanitaryware you can go for. Measuring the space also helps in deciding factors such as whether you should go for a large shower cubicle or a space-saving corner one.

Now you have your measurements, it’s time for the fun to begin. It’s time to find some inspiration!

Most factors people look at are:

● Size (do you have a small or large space to work with?)
● Functionality. What things do you expect from your shower room? E.g. Do you require a sink and toilet as well as a shower?
● Storage? If it’s a main bathroom, chances are you’ll need storage for the household toiletries, towels and cleaning products. If it’s a guest shower room, what storage will you need?
● Accessories. E.g. Do you need a heated towel rail and a mirrored cabinet?
● What kind of shower cubicle do you like? Do you require a large one with doors that open outwards, or do you need a space-saving model with sliding doors? Do you want a single showerhead or a combination?
● Flooring
● Lighting
● Decoration: Colour scheme/theme. Do you want to keep it plain and simple or do you want to make a statement? Do you like to display your personality or do you like to keep it functional?

Still Need Help?

If you need help with any of your planning or shower room installation, then please give us a call. We offer a no obligation, free of charge consultation and a site visit so that we can best advise you on your installation. We also offer a professional bathroom design service charged at a nominal fee.