Time to plan your bathroom project for 2021

plan your bathroom project

Time to plan your bathroom project for 2021

Ready to plan your bathroom project?

As we head into the Autumn and finally the Children are back to school and we get back to some semblance of normality. It is often at this time that people refocus on work and goals. It is also a good time to start to think about what jobs you need to do around the house. For any kind of building work you will need to plan in advance. Deciding to build an extension on a Friday and then hoping to find a builder to start the following week just isn’t realistic. Yet we often get this kind of enquiry asking if we can fit a new bathroom starting in the next week or two. It simply isn’t realistic, and I’d have extreme reservations about any bathroom installation company that is available at short notice.

Currently we are booked up for the remainder of 2020, which means we are working a good 4 months in advance of taking on a new client. This is often a blessing in disguise for our clients as they can book us and then have some time to review bathroom sanitary ware. Using this waiting period wisely can lead to you getting the most perfect bathroom to meet your needs.

This period is also useful for our clients to sort out finances and other practicalities when planning a home renovation project.

The good news is that once we do start work on your bathroom you will get our undivided attention and we will usually have it finished inside of a week. We don’t operate like some companies who say they can start much sooner, rip out your old bathroom, and then disappear few a few weeks to start other jobs. Instead we prefer to be upfront and honest with you, explain upfront why we can’t start next week and most people understand this.

So if a new bathroom is on your list for 2021 now is a great time to plan your bathroom project. Get in contact with us and start the process. This will mean that we are all aligned and ready to start your bathroom transformation next year.