Tired Looking Bathroom? Breathe a Bit of Love into it this Spring…

Tired Looking Bathroom? Breathe a Bit of Love into it this Spring…

If your bathroom is looking a bit dated but you don’t currently have the time to carry out a full bathroom refurb, follow these simple bathroom hacks to make it feel loved again.

Clean Clean Clean!

Mouldy grout; water marked shower screen; limescale on your plugholes…Sound familiar? A bathroom that’s suffering the effects of mould and mildew will always look more dated than it might actually be.

Get rid of mould, limescale and more by treating your bathroom to a deep clean. You can do this with most shop-brought bathroom cleaners but if you want a more eco friendly solution, make up a bottle of equal parts white vinegar and bicarb of soda to get tiles, screens, toilets and sinks sparkling clean.

A Lick of Paint

It’s amazing what a difference a lick of paint can make to a space. Spruce up your bathroom with a covering of fresh pastel colours. Green is currently on trend but if painting your entire bathroom emerald is a step too far, try painting one wall or installing splashes of green in the way of accessories. Offset the colour with a pretty bathroom plant such as an aloe vera or spider plant.

Let There Be New Light Fittings!

If your bathroom is currently showing off a light fitting from 1999, why not bring it into the twenty-first century with a glamorous chandelier or a contemporary geometric shaped lampshade? The bathroom is supposed to be a haven for beige no longer, so bring in a bit of bling with lampshades and lights.


Clever storage is a fantastic way to modernise a bathroom and create more room, giving the illusion of a bright and airy space. Mount wall hung shelves to store towels and toiletries or install a wall hung vanity unit depending on the available space. You can also cut recesses into the walls to create a storage area that doesn’t take up floor space.


Contemporary looking accessories are a quick and easy way to revamp any bathroom. Think copper or rose gold mirrors, toilet roll holders and soap dishes. Mirrors are also a great way of bringing more light, and therefore, the illusion of space into your bathroom.


The realisation of art as an essential part of human happiness, growth and development is ever stronger. If you’ve managed to create more space in your bathroom thanks to clever storage, why not indulge in a beautiful piece of art for your main bathroom wall, then lie back in the bath and enjoy it!