Toilets! What Kind Should I Have?

Toilets! What Kind Should I Have?

Nobody really likes to talk about toilets, but if you’re having a new bathroom installed, it’s important to know or understand what kind of toilet you want or need. Here, we showcase our top four WCs…


There was a time when the only space-saving toilets you could find were the wall-hung variety. While still the best choice for those wanting to create the illusion of space in their en-suite or compact bathroom, wall-hungs aren’t the only style you have to go for when choosing a small toilet. Thanks to clever design, you can now choose from a whole range of traditional toilets, close coupled or back to wall toilets as long as they are classed as a ‘short projection toilet’. Short projection toilets basically give you all the elements of your preferred toilet type but take up less space thanks to having a projection of no more than 620mm.


We know we just said that wall-hung toilets aren’t always the answer, but if you want to create a modern, sleek look in your bathroom, then you can’t go wrong with a wall-hung. We’re rather fond of our spa-inspired bathroom and the large, comfortable wall-hung toilet we installed, which we feel enhances the luxury spa/hotel theme.

Wall-hung toilets are fantastic for creating the illusion of space in your bathroom, as the eye is drawn to the corners of the room underneath the toilet pan. They’re also easy to keep clean as it’s only the pan that’s on display – all of the pipes are hidden within the pan and the cistern is usually hidden within the wall (which is accessible by a flushplate). The only downside of a wall-hung toilet is that you have to install a frame to hold it securely in place, which if carried out by a reputable contractor, shouldn’t cause a problem.


Back-to-Wall toilets are similar to wall-hung toilets, in that they are installed with their back flush to the wall. Unlike wall-hung toilets, however, back-to-walls have a base that sits on the floor, which means that you don’t have to install a frame in the wall to hold it. This also makes the toilet pan easier to access if you need to carry out any repairs/investigations. The cistern is usually concealed within the wall or furniture, which is fantastic if you want to save space or create a contemporary, seamless look in your bathroom.


This is probably the most common modern toilet that we install. You can spot a close-coupled toilet by the fact that the cistern sits on top of the toilet pan; the pan, cistern and all of the necessary pipes and pieces are one complete unit installed within one body.

Close coupled toilets are great for quick and easy installation and easy access for any required repairs.