Wet Room Bathroom Ideas

Wet Room Bathroom Ideas

If you are considering updating an old bathroom, or creating a brand new one, you might have thought about the possibility of a wet room bathroom.

The benefits of a wet room bathroom are numerous. Not only are they easy to clean, but they are stylish and minimal – making a wet room bathroom a great solution to making the best of a small space. Small bathrooms can still be statement bathrooms, and a wet room bathroom can be a great way to create a talking point in your home.

Wet Room Bathroom Ideas: Colour

Although traditionally we are advised to avoid dark or bright colours in small rooms, this is not a hard and fast rule – not by a long shot. A small wet room bathroom, decorated in high ­shine black tiles, can look striking and spacious. Minimalist design and light are the keys to making the most out of a small space. Similarly, bright colours make a big statement in a wet room bathroom.

Wet Room Bathroom Ideas: Furniture

A wet room bathroom is generally a minimal room. Many wet rooms do not have a bath, rather a shower space often with no enclosure. If you do wish to have any kind of furniture in your wet room, ensure that it is waterproof! A good storage solution for a wet room bathroom is in­built recessed shelves, or niches. These can be tiled also, and remove the need for cluttered freestanding shelves or protruding shelves ruining the clean lines of your wet room bathroom. One of the joys of a wet room bathroom is the ease of which it can be cleaned – keeping your storage simple will preserve this.

Wet Room Bathroom Ideas: The Shower

Although traditionally wet room showers do not have enclosures, many choose to install some kind of divider between the shower space and the rest of the bathroom. In small spaces, this can be a wise idea – unless you want to soak the toilet roll through every time you shower! A simple floor-to­ ceiling glass screen can be a minimal and stylish way to divide the spaces.

When the time comes to make your wet room bathroom dream become reality, be sure to call in the professionals. Fitting a wet room bathroom requires correct preparation, or you risk ending up with a serious problem. If water leaks through the ‘seal’ of your room, over time it could cause serious structural damage to your home.

At Bespoke Bathrooms, we are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of bathroom design and installation. We can guide you through the process from the very beginning to the end, from designing your wet room bathroom to sourcing the sanitary ware ­ and we will leave you with a room to be proud of. Contact us today to discuss your wet room bathroom requirements and let us see how we can help you.