Wet room without a shower screen

Wet room without a shower screen

If space is limited in your property then installing a wet room without a shower screen can be a big space saver. Traditionally showers were enclosed behind a curtain or a screen to prevent water from escaping. This was because there needed to be clear separation between the wet and  dry parts of the bathroom. The advent of wet rooms, as the name suggests rooms that are fully tiled and designed to get wet everywhere, means you now can do away with the shower screen.

The benefits of not having a shower screen include:

  1. One less thing to clean – shower screens are notoriously hard to clean, particularly around the edges where they join to walls. As a result over time they can look awful or take up your time to keep them clean. In a wet room without a shower screen the need to clean the screen simply vanishes!
  2. More accessible for those with limited mobility – shower screens can be awkward to navigate even for the most trim and athletic of us. If you have a disability or limited mobility then they can be downright dangerous. A wet room with no screen is so much easier to navigate. It also means a wheelchair or other living aid can be brought in to the wet room.
  3. Less space required – you may not realise it but shower screens do take up a lot of space as you need to have room to get around them. Doing away with the screen frees up valuable space in the room for other things. Or it allows you to turn a room into a wet room that previously might have been considered too small for a shower room.
  4. Finally, not having a shower screen represents a cost saving in its own right. Not having to buy a screen will save you at least €500.


Here at Bespoke Bathrooms, we fit a variety of bathrooms and wet rooms. Some people still like the traditional shower enclosures while some have embraced a fully open wet room. The choice is yours. We’d be happy to come and survey your space and talk through the options of what could work for you.

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