Wet Rooms: Helping Disabled People and their Carers to have more Independence

Wet Rooms: Helping Disabled People and their Carers to have more Independence

Wet rooms have become hugely popular in the last few years: they’re a great way of adding value onto your house when installed as a second bathroom. But wet rooms have an even greater value when used for their original purpose, which is to ease the everyday issues that disabled people are faced with when trying to use the bathroom.

If you want to find out how our disabled bathrooms and wet rooms are a great choice for people with mobility issues, please read on.

Why Are Wet rooms So Good?

When installed correctly, wet rooms look lovely – they can also make small spaces look larger thanks to the tiled floors and walls which run seamlessly into each other. Wet rooms, however, are much less about looks and much more about function. The main difference between wet rooms and a standard bathroom is that the shower area is built on the same level as the bathroom floor, so there is no lip or step that a person has to get over. This is great for people who are wheelchair bound or who usually require help getting in and out of the shower. You can still have a cubicle or glass shower doors installed if you wish to section the areas in your bathroom or keep it open if it’s easier. Wet rooms are also fantastic for the carers of disabled individuals as the level floor and openness of the room means there’s usually more space to lift and move about without fear of bashing into things. Other reasons why wet rooms are useful for the less able bodied are:

  • They’re safer for people with mobility issues as the floor is all one level
  • They can aid in giving people more independence
  • Easy to clean and in turn, more hygienic. This is important for people with additional health issues
  • They look great
  • They can add value to your home

If you can’t install a wet room at this time or feel that a wet room isn’t right for you, there’s other accessories you can have installed to help ease any issues, such as handrails, a disabled wc and a low wall hung sink with automatic taps.

Why You Must Always Choose a Professional Wet Room Installer

There are many individuals and companies out there who claim to be professional wet room installers, but you must always check this is actually the case. We’ve seen first-hand the devastation a poorly installed wet room can wreak. The repairs and cleanup are time consuming, expensive and upsetting for the customer.

Your wet room installer should have undertaken a training programme and have certification proving that they can install a wet room competently. If a wet room isn’t installed correctly, this can lead to a wet room that doesn’t drain properly and worse, leaks down underneath the tiles and into the floor. This can then lead to the collapse of the floor and ceiling underneath. If installed by a professional, however, your wet room will be completely water tight, meaning that the floor underneath the tiles is even more protected than the floor in a standard bathroom.

Here at Bespoke Bathrooms, we are professional Wedi Wet Room installers and take pride in installing our bathrooms to the highest standard. Please take a look at our previous work and customer testimonials to see if you’d like to join the ranks of our satisfied customers!