Wetroom Solutions: Why Choose a Wetroom?

Wetroom Solutions: Why Choose a Wetroom?

Bespoke Bathrooms offer wetroom solutions as well as traditional bathroom set­ups. Wetroom solutions can be cost­ effective, practical additions to your home, and can add value too.

What is a wetroom?

A wetroom is a bathroom set­up that is entirely water­tight from floor to ceiling. Usually there is no shower enclosure, making the wetroom open­ plan. The floor of a wetroom slopes downwards toward the drain. Wetrooms are great options for ensuite bathrooms, extra shower rooms and small bathroom spaces.

Why are wetroom solutions so convenient?

Wetroom solutions are practical as well as beautiful.

• Easy to clean: wetrooms are generally much easier to clean than traditional bathrooms, due to the minimal design. There are no fiddly shower trays or enclosures to get to grips with, and the tiled floor and walls are easy to keep shining and fresh ­looking.

• Great for small spaces: Although many customers with large bathroom spaces opt for wetroom solutions, they are definitely very well suited to small rooms. The openplan nature of wetroom solutions make the most of small spaces, and can be very impressive design ­wise – something that is harder to achieve in a small space when opting for a traditional bathroom set­up.

• Great for those with disabilities: wetroom solutions are incredibly popular with those who have limited mobility. Without shower trays or bathtubs to negotiate, bathing can be much easier for those with disabilities and their carers.

Can I install a wetroom myself?

It is possible to purchase a wetroom kit and install it yourself, yes. However this is inadvisable unless you are a qualified plumber with experience in wetroom/bathroom fitting. When fitting a wetroom, it is extremely important to ensure that the room is waterproofed – without this, you could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your home.

At Bespoke Bathrooms, our tradesmen are highly qualified and experienced in wetroom solutions. When we renovate a bathroom, we strip the room right back to make sure that we are building on the best foundations. This is especially important with wetrooms. Although you might think you will save money installing your own wetroom, the cost of putting mistakes right could run into the thousands – and we have fixed enough botched bathrooms to know this.

During your initial enquiry to Bespoke Bathrooms, we will assess your needs and work out whether we are a good fit for you – it is important to us that we are able to deliver what we say we will deliver. We are passionate about creating beautiful bathrooms – and wetrooms – and will guide you through the process from the very first call. We are a one stop shop for wetroom solutions, and we can take care of every aspect of your wetroom installation including electrics and tiling.

Call Bespoke Bathrooms today for beautiful wetroom solutions.