What does a typical bathroom renovation cost?

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What does a typical bathroom renovation cost?

We often get asked what does a typical bathroom renovation cost. People expect us to give a price but really it isn’t that easy. Its a bit like being asked how much does a car cost, there are so many variables. The following factors will all have a bearing on the cost of a bathroom renovation:

DIY or Professional

Like everything you always have the option to pay a professional or to do it yourself. If you have the skills then going the DIY route can be an option and you will likely make a large cost saving. But you need to weigh this against what would you be doing with your time otherwise. If you take two weeks to complete the bathroom renovation and you could have earned €2000 elsewhere in that time then really that is what the labour element of the renovation has effectively cost you.

You also need to consider whether or not your skills are of the level they need to be in order to get a good quality finish. Often from DIY attempts it won’t be, simply because if you only fit a bathroom once or twice in your lifetime you are never going to be as good as the guys who do it every day of the week.

Sanitary ware choices

Another area where it becomes difficult to answer the ‘what does a typical bathroom renovation cost’? question is when it comes to sanitary ware choices. Quite simply the sky is the limit. You can choose bottom of the range basic sanitary ware or you can go to the high end of the market for the Rolls Royce of sanitary ware. For example it is possible to spend €60 on a toilet or €800 +. Quality and brand will determine the price you pay.

Size of the bathroom

The size of the bathroom is another reason why the price a bathroom renovation will vary. Quite simply a smaller bathroom will require less tiles and materials to complete, which means less labour also.

How much needs to be done to prep the existing bathroom

The state of the existing bathroom will also have a bearing on the cost of the bathroom renovation project. If there is water damage and lots of old tiles on top of other tiles then this will cost more to make good than a bathroom that needs less preparation.

Not all bathroom renovation companies are equal

It is important to note that not all bathroom companies are the same, in general you get what you pay for. If you find a bathroom installer who can start next week and charges a price that seems too good to be true then it probably is. Are they cutting corners just to get in and out for a quick buck? Be sure to ask for references and check out their testimonials. Here at Bespoke Bathrooms we certainly aren’t the cheapest. However we believe our quality of work is second to none. So if you are looking for a high end bathroom and are prepared to pay a bit more for it done right then please get in touch today.