What Type of Shower Should I Choose?

What Type of Shower Should I Choose?

Choosing a shower can seem like quite a simple thing, but nowadays there are a range of different models out there, each with their own unique features, so it’s important to ensure you have the right shower installed for your home set up. This will depend on what type of central heating system you have; whether you have a combi boiler, system boiler or conventional boiler.

Don’t Just Go With The Flow

Get smart when choosing your shower. If you’re unsure what type of shower you should choose, or what the advantages and disadvantages are of each shower, read on to find out…

1. Mixer Showers

This is the type of shower that most people are familiar with. A mixer shower needs a hot and cold water supply and will ‘manually’ take the water from these; because of this, the water flow is usually quite strong, but there may be issues if somebody runs water somewhere else in the house as this can affect the water flow. You can usually control the temperature by turning the mixer handle or tap in one direction or the other.

Mixer showers are ideal for:

Homes with a large capacity hot water cylinder or combi boiler (so there is instant access to hot water)
Ideal for shower baths
Low cost option


If you have low water flow from your taps, you also will from your shower, as manual mixer showers don’t increase the pressure
Less control over water temperature

2. Electric Showers

Electric showers contain an element that heats the cold water as you need it. They’re ideal for any boiler system as they only take from the cold water supply, but they’re extremely ideal for a non-combi household or those with a limited hot water supply.

Other advantages of an electric shower include:

Instant hot water (no more having to switch the water on and waiting for it to heat up). This would be ideal for busy family homes
Highly economic as there is no hot water wastage. In fact, most contemporary models have a 99.7% energy efficiency rating
Quick and easy to install

3. Thermostatic Showers

Thermostatic showers are really similar to mixer showers in that they take from both the hot and cold water supply, but you have much more control over the temperature thanks to an installed thermostat.

Advantages of a thermostatic:

Consistent water temp even when water supply is used elsewhere
Can be used in a shower and/or shower bath
Cheaper than a digital shower but still gives you temperature control


The thermostat can sometimes become worn after a lot of use
A thermostat won’t change any water flow issues

4.Power Showers

Power Showers are similar to mixer showers; they too also draw on the hot and cold water supplies. However, they also include an integrated pump to boost the water flow, hence giving them their name.

Advantages of a power shower:

Ideal for homes with low water pressure
Allows you to potentially enjoy a more powerful shower at a low cost

5.Digital Showers

Digital Showers are the next step in shower technology. It still draws on the cold and hot water supply, but unlike mixer or power showers, gives you optimal control over the temperature. This is thanks to the wireless digital shower panel installed in the shower cubicle that allows you to program your perfect temperature. The control panel communicates with the power unit, which controls the water flow and temperature. No more fiddling around with a mixer tap with soap in your hair while the water flip flops from excruciatingly cold to hotter than a thousand suns.

Other advantages of a digital shower:

You can program the water to heat up gently to your desired temperature before you step in
The control panel also adjusts the flow
Can be used with any boiler system
You can have your shower installed so the hot water comes from the wall or the ceiling
Each household member can program in their personal preferences
The power unit is usually stored away from sight in the loft or airing cupboard so everything looks neat and tidy


As digital showers are a relatively new technology, they can be quite expensive to install.