Why Choose a Wet Room Over a Regular Bathroom? The Benefits Unveiled

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Why Choose a Wet Room Over a Regular Bathroom? The Benefits Unveiled

Modern home design is all about combining style, functionality, and comfort. When it comes to your bathroom, these elements are crucial for creating a space that not only looks good but also serves your daily needs efficiently. While the traditional bathroom design remains popular, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to install wet rooms—and for good reasons.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Bespoke Bathrooms specialises in creating custom bathroom solutions tailored to your individual needs. We’ve seen a surge in demand for wet rooms, and we’re here to break down why this option might be a game-changer for you.

What is a Wet Room?

In simple terms, a wet room is a waterproof bathroom where the shower area is not enclosed by a shower tray or curtain. The entire space is designed to get wet, which means water can freely flow across the floor to a drain. The room itself acts as an open-concept shower, often separated only by a glass screen or panel for minimal aesthetic disruption.

Benefits of a Wet Room

Enhanced Accessibility

Wet rooms provide a level entry, which makes them ideal for people with mobility issues. There are no steps or barriers to navigate, offering a safer, more accessible showering experience.


Wet rooms are a fantastic option for smaller bathrooms where space is a premium. Without the need for bulky shower enclosures or bathtubs, you can maximize every inch of your bathroom effectively.

Modern Aesthetics

The sleek, minimalist design of a wet room adds a contemporary touch to your home. Wet rooms can be customized with an array of tiles, fixtures, and fittings to match your style.

Increased Property Value

Modern and functional, a well-designed wet room can add value to your property. It’s a desirable feature that prospective home buyers often look for, especially those interested in a contemporary home design or accessible features.

Easy to Clean

With fewer nooks and crannies, wet rooms are easier to clean than traditional bathrooms. You won’t have to contend with shower trays, enclosures, or curtains, making maintenance a breeze.

Versatile Design Options

Since there is no need for a shower enclosure, you have more freedom to place fixtures and fittings where you want. Whether you opt for a rain shower, wall jets, or a combination, the design possibilities are almost endless.


While wet rooms offer many advantages, they may not be suitable for all homes. Installation can be more complex than a standard bathroom, requiring professional waterproofing to avoid leakage. At Bespoke Bathrooms, we ensure that every wet room we install meets stringent quality standards, making this a worry-free option for our clients.

The Bespoke Bathrooms Touch

Whether you’re keen to transform your bathroom into a sleek, modern wet room or simply considering the option, we’re here to help. Offering comprehensive consultations, quality craftsmanship, and a team of experts who know what it takes to create a stunning yet functional wet room, Bespoke Bathrooms is your go-to choice in Dublin and surrounding areas.

So, if you’re tired of your traditional bathroom and are looking for a modern, efficient alternative, consider a wet room. With countless design options and practical benefits, it’s an upgrade that’s well worth considering.