Why Install a Wet Room?

Why Install a Wet Room?

Wet rooms are becoming an increasingly popular form of shower room but what’s so good about them and do you really need one? Read on to find out exactly what a wet room is, plus the pros and cons of having one…

What is a Wetroom?

A wet room is basically a shower room that is completely watertight. It’s tiled from floor to ceiling and usually has no shower enclosure (although you can have a door to separate the room if you want to). The shower tray is built into the floor making the entire floor and entry into the shower and room itself, seamless. The water drains away easily thanks to the gentle slope of the floor.

What Are Wet Rooms Good For?

Thanks to their seamless and completely watertight design, wet rooms are really easy to clean and keep clean. As it’s open plan and there are no real nooks and crannies for dirt to hide in (in comparison to normal shower cubicles, which normally have a lot of ridges and seals to clean), there is much less of a build up of mould and mildew.

Wet rooms are also good for:

Easy access/mobility for individuals with disabilities
Giver greater independence for those living with disabilities
Are fantastic for ensuites/smaller bathrooms as their open plan design utilises space
Great when installed in a large room to be used as busy family bathroom
Protecting walls and floors from damp and water damage (when installed correctly)
Can add value to a home when installed as a second bathroom/ensuite

What Are Wet Rooms Not So Good For?

Although they can add value to your home when installed as a second bathroom, this isn’t always the case when they’re installed as a main bathroom. If you want to install a wet room to add value to your house in order to sell, it’s a good idea to undertake some market research first or get some advice from an estate agent.

Can Any Plumber Install a Wet Room?

Many plumbers might say they have the skills to install a wet room, but it’s really important to check that they actually do before you book them. Wet room installation often takes specific and certified training. We have had to rectify many mistakes in wet rooms left behind by incompetent installers. Here at Bespoke Bathrooms, we’ve been trained to properly install Wedi Wet Rooms, so we won’t leave you with leaky floors or a shower that doesn’t drain properly; all things that are messy and costly to rectify.

If you want to discuss having a wet room installed and would like to find out if we’re the right wet room installers for the job, give us a call today.