Bathroom Moisture Extraction

Bathroom Moisture Extraction

Bathroom Moisture Extraction is a challenge in every house. It’s a given that bathrooms create steam and if not effectively removed this will lead to condensation on walls. Over time this can turn into mould and mildew and even permeate the surface leading to structural damage. Removing steam while it is still steam is the best approach. In order to do this you need a well located extractor fan that has enough oomph to take away the steam in your size bathroom.

Even if you have a window in your bathroom this is often not enough for Bathroom Moisture Extraction, you are relying on external weather conditions and they won’t always go your way. Getting an extractor fan is still a must, and it means you don’t have to leave the window open in the depths of winter!

We will look at 3 different types of Bathroom Moisture Extraction fans


Designed for installation directly through an external wall, or in the ceiling on a very short duct run, these fans are what most people will think of when picturing a bathroom fan.


Similar wall or ceiling mounting options but with one big difference, a centrifugal fan generates far greater pressure, making it capable of extracting down much longer duct runs. Ideal for a bathroom with no external walls. Often including more switching and operating options, Centrifugal fans can be set to run at a low rate so there is always some flow through the room, even when there is no-one in there.


As the name suggests, an inline fan sits within the run of ducting, completely out of sight. Installed in the loft space or ceiling void above the room, an inline fan produces a much greater extraction rate which makes it ideal for installations that either have long runs or serious condensation/ mould problems.

At Bespoke Bathrooms we can advise you on the best type of extraction fan and fit it for you as part of your bathroom makeover, contact us today.