Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Bespoke Bathrooms are one of the leading Bathroom Renovation Contractors in the Dublin area. As we focus solely on bathrooms we have perfected the process. Whilst other contractors turn their hands to attic conversions, extensions, and kitchen refits as well as bathrooms. We just focus on bathrooms. Sometimes people ask us why. Surely if we have the building skills why not do kitchens as well?

The answer comes down to focus and specialism. In all walks of life we have the choice between the specialists and the focused experts. Lets say you have a heart attack – who would you prefer to treat you? A GP with a big range of all sorts of medical experience. Or a cardiac surgeon who has spent the last 10 years focused solely on heart patients? The focused expert wins every time in our book.

By just doing bathrooms we have built up a huge level of expertise. We complete 40-50+ bathrooms per year which means we have seen and overcome just about every different challenge you could possibly encounter. From fitting bathrooms into tiny spaces to clever workarounds for concrete steps and strange shaped structures. We have seen and overcome them all.

Our team has worked together for the best part of 10 years and has built up the type of synergies that you only get from that close bond accrued over time. Like a well choreographed dance routine every step of your bathroom renovation has been performed hundreds of times before. From removing old water damaged plasterboard to expertly sealing a new wet room. We are extremely confident we will do the best job for you bar none.

Bathroom Renovation ContractorsDublin Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Questions to ask potential Bathroom Renovation Contractors

So before you choose just any bathroom renovation contractors we urge you to stop and ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you just focus on bathrooms?
  2. How many bathrooms have you completed?
  3. Do you have a dedicated team for all jobs?
  4. How many years experience do you have installing bathrooms?