Bathroom Upgrade – Uncompromising Quality

Bathroom Upgrade – Uncompromising Quality

At Bespoke Bathrooms, we do not profess to be the cheapest in the business, what we do claim however, is that in choosing us, you are choosing quality.

A cheap bathroom upgrade can end up costing you more in the long run. We are often calls from homeowners who have recently had a bathroom upgrade by a different company and had the nasty surprise of leaky pipes or taps a couple of months later. We end up coming in and putting right the shoddy work.

Quality is important to us. It is reflected in everything we do from our choice of materials to the finish of our work.

For example, with a bathroom upgrade, there is of course, a lot of pipe work and electrical work behind the walls. Since it is not on display, you will often find that a cheap contractor will simply not carry this work out to the correct standard. This leads to big problems down the line.

At Bespoke Bathrooms, we properly strip back the old bathroom and make sure all the behind the scenes work is of the highest quality. With us, you can be sure that your bathroom not only looks fantastic, but is built to last too.

During in the aftermath of the property bubble, it was evident from the news and cases like Priory Hall that a high proportion of incompetent work was being carried out. Slap dash might be the cheapest way to get things done, but at Bespoke Bathrooms, we don’t think it is the correct way.

Why not take a read through our testimonials in the testimonials section of our website and see what our previous clients have had to say about us.

We have a small, carefully chosen and tight knit team who all believe in uncompromising high standards. With Bespoke Bathrooms you can rest assured that your bathroom upgrade is in competent hands. You also get the added benefit that we are fully compliant and eligible for the Home Renovation Grant.

Our process is well organised and professional.

It starts with an initial phone call, we have a chat to see what your needs are and if we will be a good fit.

We then visit the site and take an initial look at your current bathroom. Here we get a better idea of what you want and we can make suggestions. We then draw up design drawings based on our visit. After these have been agreed on we schedule the job, order the materials, begin the job and then complete it.

Our process is water tight and ensures that you, our client, is happy and informed at all times. No more sitting round waiting for the plumber to show up. Once we begin the job, it is fully project managed to ensure that everything comes together as smoothly as possible. We aim to cause as little upheaval and stress to the homeowners as possible.

If you are planning your bathroom upgrade and our process and ethos sounds appealing, then why not call us for a chat on 01 4948048. Alternatively, just fill our the contact form on our website and we will call you.