How to do a Bathroom Makeover

How to do a Bathroom Makeover

If you are wondering ‘How to do a Bathroom Makeover’ then we have you covered here at Bespoke Bathrooms.

We’ve been serving up bathroom makeovers for well over 10 years at this stage (learn more about our history here)

The main trigger for doing a bathroom makeover is typically someone who has bought a second hand home with a tired bathroom (or two) in it and they want to bring it into the 21st century.

We have come across more than our fair share of tired Avacado Bathroom suites – and take great pleasre in replacing them!

The first step is to take some room measurements and then send them over to us.

From this we can determine what space you have to work with and what the options are.

We will be able to give you a ball park estimate.

The next step is then for us to come and visit you (we do have about a 4-6 month wait list right now so it might not be immediately)

In the meantime we encourage you to look at completed bathroom jobs either in our gallery or on our Instagram page to get an idea of what you like.

Once the site visit is complete then we will give you a quote and estimated time-frame.

Then once you are happy to proceed we book you in and tell you exactly what needs to be in place before we get the work done.

Honestly there isn’t much more to it. We do this every day – just focused on bathrooms – so you know you are in good hands.